Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Power of Positive Thinking

I recently read in a magazine an article on positive thinking and how you can train your brain. One of the tips I really liked and thought it might work! This could work with a friend or family member or by yourself. When you either think something negative or say it out loud to someone, either say to yourself or have your friend tell you to "Switch!". "Switch!" means to switch out that negative phrase into a positive one.

For example, "I just can't work out today. I'm such a lazy slob."
"I'm going to work out today and I will feel so much better afterwards!"

Have you ever tried anything similar to get rid of negative thoughts? This could work with any negative phrase whether it is towards yourself or others!

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  1. Positive thinking definitely does go a long way. During cross country season it always helps me do better in races rather than going into them with a negative attitude!


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