Thursday, January 27, 2011

Want Amazing Nails? Guest Post by Tamuna!

Hi there, I'm Tamuna from My boyfriend's Shirt. I blog about all things pretty in life, beauty, fashion and more. Since it's winter and cold outside, I've been paying extra attention to my skincare as its noticeably more dry and requires special care.

For a girl like me, who likes to sport short, neat nails and pretty nail polish, it becomes a daily routine to maintain my hands and keep them extra moisturized in winter.

Here are some of my essential hand and nail care products that have served me well and I'd recommend.

Hand and Nail Care

The number one most important product for hand care is a good moisturizing hand cream. Featured is Loccitane Fleur Cherie hand cream. I apply it after every time I wash my hands, it has a mild floral scent and does an amazing job at keeping my hands nourished.

A good moisturizing cuticle cream is also essential for keeping hands and nails looking moisturized. I apply Sally Hansen cuticle cream every night while massaging into my nails. I keep Rosebud Salve around my desk at work for mid-day touch ups.

When it comes to nail care tools, my favorite item is the scary looking cuticle nippers. They don't hurt at all and easily remove unwanted dead skin from around the cuticle area. I also use cuticle wood stick to push back and remove extra skin.

Good nail files and nail scissors are also necessary tools for hand/nail care, I however, stay away from nail clippers as they tend to damage my brittle nails. I remove excess length with nail scissors and file using a gentle grip, moving in the same direction along the grain.

As for nail polishes, I like light pink and nude colors in winter for daytime use. I find Seche Vite an ideal solution for quickly drying nail polish. Keep in mind that many instant hand sanitizers can be harshly drying for hands, so I buy moisturizing hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works.

And lastly, don't forget to wear gloves to keep your hands nice and warm.

A HUGE thank you to Lauren, I appreciate the opportunity to do a guest post.



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