Friday, January 14, 2011

I got a Wii! :)

So I may be the last person on the planet to say this, but here it goes. I bought a Wii last week! I've been wanting one for years now and I always justified not getting one by saying, "Well my neighbors and some friends have it. I can just go over there and play when I want to." Or "It just costs way too much and I'll probably never use it." Yet, I still wanted one. So after not getting one for Christmas, having a higher paying job, and seeing it on sale at Target, I went for it.

I bought the new black Wii that came with a remote, nunchuk, Sports game, Sports resort game and I also bought a pink remote and Just Dance 2. Best. Purchase. Ever. While it is not fun dropping a few hundred dollars, it was definitely worth it. I love that it is not only fun, but a great workout.

Once I save some more money I plan on getting Wii Fit Plus, The Amazing Race game, and another nunchuk. Anyone suggest any other fun games?

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