Friday, January 7, 2011

Cool New Hair Tool

I just bought an Instyler (in pink of course!). I've seen these commercials before and thought it seemed cool, but wondered if it really worked. One of my friends was talking about getting one for Christmas, so I waited to see if she would and if she liked it. She did, so I did a bit more research. It seemed like an amazing product. Able to straighten hair fast and make it silky and even able to curl and wave your hair. So I decided to try it! It is expensive, but I had a coupon and a gift card for a store so I went for it.

It is awesome! While I haven't fooled around with it enough yet to curl or wave my hair, I am very happy with its straightening abilities. It is fun to use, easy, and makes your hair straight and shiny fast.


  1. Neat! My hair is out of control and a complete hassle to straighten, but it's good to know that this might be something to try out.

  2. Yeah you should definitely try it. Its easy and fun to use! :)


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