Monday, December 13, 2010

Quick Graduation Re-cap

Saturday was my graduation! It was a long, long day but a great one. First I went to my ceremony, which let's be honest....those aren't the most exciting things in the world. Especially when I was in the last row to go across the stage! But I felt really relieved when it was over because then it was time to party!

We had lots of good food, good friends and family! I was floating from room to room trying to talk to everyone and I was really glad that everyone showed up. And one pro to graduation in is like an early Christmas! ;) I'm definitely blessed this year.

Then yesterday was a complete blizzard! I kept wishing the snow would stop and it didn't, so I stayed inside and wrote thank you cards.


  1. Aw.. congratulations! :) Glad you had a blast!!!

  2. Yes, again, congrats. :D Definitely a great Christmas present indeed, haha! And send some of that snow my way, pretty please? I want a school cancellation so badly...

  3. Thanks guys!

    And Natalie, I will try... I don't want any more snow here! I hate driving in it.

  4. Congratulations on your graduation, that's def a good Christmas present :)


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