Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pet Update!

Hannah Banana is getting old! :( She will be 12 in April and I hate seeing her get older, but she is still so cute and sweet even when she begs for treats.
Buddy! He's learned to go up on his hind legs when I say "Up!" and he takes treats nice when you say "Be nice!". He's adorably fun! :)


  1. Awww.. Your pets are fantastic! I didn't know you could train Buddy to do something like that. :)


  2. Thanks! :) And yeah rats are actually super smart, I wish I would have taken the time to teach him more tricks...not sure if its too late now!

  3. I didn't know if he was a rat or mouse, so I just referred to him as Buddy- good to know. :) Seeing as we follow eachother's blogs it should be pretty easy to make sure that we are both keeping up on our new year's resolutions.. we definitely have a similar attitude about life (and love our pets!).

  4. Yep, he's a rat! I got him when I was living in an apartment because my mom would never let me get one. Now that I'm home and she had to deal with it, she loves him! She gets him out to cuddle because he's so sweet. People just don't realize what pet rats are actually like! :)

    And yes sounds good, I love new blog friends! :)

  5. Aww, it is sad to see your dogs getting older... It seems like just yesterday my dog was a puppy, but now she's almost 7! Hannah looks great for her old age though. :) And Buddy looks like such a fun little pet, too.

  6. I know it is so sad, where does the time go? You should post a pic of your dog. :)


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