Friday, December 24, 2010

Dashboard Re-Cap

Remember last Friday I went to see Dashboard Confessional in concert? It was great because it was just Chris Carrabba and his guitar singing old school songs. Did I mention he's gorgeous?

Anyway, after standing for about 2 hours listening to opening acts and just plain waiting, my friend and I were already ready to leave before he even came out. We both worked and stood at work for countless hours so all I wanted was a seat for my tired feet and back! But once he came out, it was great. It is strange how music can bring back so many memories. "Again I Go Unnoticed" perfectly describes a past relationship. And other songs I just remember listening to and thinking about things. All in all, great concert and I was glad to share it with my friend/co-worker!

P.S. Merry Christmas Eve and Happy 2 1/2 year anniversary to my boy! :)


  1. He is one gorgeous guy indeed, hehe. :) And merry Christmas Eve to you too!


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