Friday, December 17, 2010

Boots and Music!

I want these boots! I first saw them on CollegeCandy and fell in love. Too bad they are so expensive! But I love the fact that they lace up. Being a size 10 (yes, I have huge feet), Uggs aren't always so awesome. I have to wear them in the winter, but because I have a large shoe size, the makers of boots apparently think I have huge legs too. So I'd love some winter boots that actually fit my legs too!

What do you think about them?

P.S. I'm going to see Dashboard Confessional tonight so here's one of my favorite old school songs of theirs! :)


  1. Love the boots! :) Enjoy the concert tonight- wish I was going!!!


  2. Thanks! You should definitely see them in your town. Tickets weren't too expensive actually.

  3. Those boots are GREAT! I love anything that helps me get through these Midwest winters!!

  4. Yeah I'm definitely on the hunt for a cheaper version of them!

  5. I like 'em! They look super comfy and great for the winter. :D


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