Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 25...

Day 25 is my daily makeup routine...
I use Falsies Mascara right now...I love long lashes!

I love using blush and bronzer together! It creates a nice glow.

I use this kind of foundation every day. My face tends to be dry but get oily looking during the day and I've found this is one of the only foundations that doesn't get too oily.

And of course I love a good lip balm!


  1. That lip balm looks delicious. Is that strange?
    Long Lashes FTW, I have such tragically tiny lashes, I cannot survive without a good mascara.
    Hola, Im Sam btw.

  2. Hi Sam & welcome!

    I LOVE the lip balm. It is by far my new favorite. It feels awesome.


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