Saturday, May 22, 2010

Move: complete

So my big move is complete. The weird thing is that it doesn't really feel as weird as I thought it would. At least not yet, I guess. I suppose that would be because this has been my home for many years and I was only in my apartment for a few months. If I had stayed there, I think after a while it would have started to feel more like a real home and not just a temporary place. The one thing I love about moving is a fresh start. I changed my room around and it looks completely different and I love it.

I am basically all packed and have things put away because I cannot stand clutter and things out of place! Call me crazy...but I like being neat and organized. :)

That was a short update but maybe pictures to come next week...

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  1. I'm glad everything with the move went smoothly! I know what you mean - I can't stand having things messy for very long, or else it drives me crazy... I think it's my OCD side or something haha ;)


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