Thursday, May 13, 2010


Dreams are funny things, aren't they? They can be scary, funny, extremely weird or silly, or romantic. Dreams can be anything, especially things that can't even happen in real life. I've always wondered about dreams. Are they your subconsious telling you something you should know? Do they mean more than just moving images while we sleep? Or are they random thoughts that mean nothing in the grand scheme of life?

I tend to go with the thinking that dreams never mean absolutely nothing. But this leads me to overthink dreams that probably have little to do with my life. I love waking up and looking at dream decoder websites to find out what they say about the big or small things that happen in my dreams. It is always interesting to see what they say. For example, once I had a dream I found a rabbit in my closet and the website said that meant you are committed to someone.

I don't know about you but I will always love dreams and be very interested in their meanings. I love listening to people tell stories about dreams. Aren't they always a little crazy? We wonder where they thoughts seem to come from. At times dreams come from the last thing you think about before your head hits the pillow and other times you wonder why you dreamt about something so strange.
So what do you think about dreams? Insignificant or paths to something more?


  1. Like laughing, science can't explain why we dream. It's one of those mysterious things that I think I'll be ok never understanding.


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