Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Big Move: Tomorrow

Every day I am reminded of how fast time and life really does move. As I prepare to spend the last night in my apartment and move back home tomorrow, it really does feel strange that nine months in this new space have gone by so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was begging for more responsibility, having to wait a year to even look at apartments, then finally looking and planning, signing the releases and buying cute new things. Then came move-in excitement and lots of mistakes (burning a piece of carpet with a chicken tender on fire or melting a cup that wasn't really supposed to go in the dishwasher...).

Now, I feel confident in myself. I can live in a different place than my parents and flourish. I can cook my own food, do my dishes, clean up after myself, do my laundry, plan my days...all on my own. This is what learning to be more independent is. Feeling confident in your own abilities even when you make mistakes along the way. My parents are always commenting how they see a change in me: a new confidence, a new maturity, a new independence. So even as I move back right where I started...I know (and my family knows) that I can handle my life on my own. I won't go back with any regrets or sadness because I know I will be on my own again one day. Perhaps a few months when I graduate, perhaps a year...I don't know for sure, but I know it will happen. And that thought makes everything feel better.

So for now, I will handle my move with grace and look at the positives. I will be able to save money. I will be closer to the places I go most. I will be able to re-organize my room. I won't have to deal with any roommate frustrations (although there always are parent frustrations, but that's another entry :P). I can't think about freedom or privacy I may lose, I will work to make it work where I am at in my life. That's all anyone can really do.

Any last minute advice about moving back in with the parental unit?


  1. I hope the move went alright!

  2. It did, thanks Natalie! I am off to write about it now..


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