Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Generation of Online

Click the picture to make it bigger for an interesting graph on social networking.

This post by Meg on Curls & Coffee really struck a chord with me. Please read it!

It talks about how with the start of social networking, texting, and all things online have become our only means of conversation. This is something I definitely struggle with. Isn't it easier to text someone all day than have a phone conversation? Isn't it easier to write out everything in a Facebook message than ask someone to meet for coffee? We're quickly becoming the generation that sits in our rooms by ourselves all day and talks to people only virtually.

I love Facebook and blogging and texting and social networking. I'm not sure I could ever give them up completely either. The thought of being somewhat addicted is a scary thought though. I never want to become someone who doesn't participate in the outside world or with real live people because I am too into the online world. I want to have that golden balance. Of keeping in touch with old friends online, but not letting it rule my life.

So as I challenge myself, I will challenge all of you. To spend some time calling a long-distance friend instead of texting all day. To spend less time on Facebook and more time with friends in person or being productive.

Now tell me, what do you think about social networking addiction?


  1. I think it's frightening.
    I mean, I'm lucky in the sense that it didn't start catching on until my late high school years, but I really fear for the kids growing up now.
    Pre teens will come into my work constantly looking at their phones and whenever asked a question having trouble looking directly into my eyes.
    As helpful as the technological world is,
    it can also be damaging and crippling.
    There should always be a balance.
    That's my two cents. :)

  2. Yeah I definitely agree Natalya!

  3. We actually had a debate about this in English the other day!

    I think, like anything really, it's perfectly harmless in moderation. But once you start relying solely on social networking for all of your communication, never having real conversations in person or even over phone calls, then that's when a problem arises.


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