Monday, April 26, 2010

Old Poetry..

Today I will share with you some poems I found on my home computer. These were written I believe in 2006 or around the time I was in high school. It made me want to keep writing poetry. Enjoy!
the rain taps gently
umbrellas open quickly as flowers embrace the sweet pitter patter
a lonely child sits staring
her dreams fall away like the rain against her windowpane
a girl dances outside
feeling the rain hit her face like a cool burst
her happiness is felt
by the strangers who pass
a man cries softly for the tears are disguised by the constant downpour
lightning flashes
another soul cries out
thunder roars
as your voice screams
desperate for living
clouds evaporate and sun appears


where does it go
the things we think and feel but never say
do they wither away
or sit stirring in our minds
screaming to be opened
from the files of our mind

where does it go
broken hearts and failed friendships
long after they're healed
why do they make you cry
long after they've happened
why can't they disappear

where does it go
the sun shining after a desperate winter
bright smiles in hopeful arms
troubled eyes that are no more
don't cry darling
these wonderful days will return

souls broken and hearts mending
where does it go
the catastrophes we feel
we hope we'll never know

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