Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Soft Spot: Dogs

I think everyone has something they have a soft spot for. That they love to see and can't get enough of. For some people, it could be kids. Kids are often adorable, but my soft spot is for dogs. :) Ever since I was young, I've always loved dogs. My best friend and I would have these silly competitions over how many dogs we knew, make dog books filled with pictures, and scour books for information. At the time, we both wanted to be Vets because of our love of dogs. Eventually, that faded away...I am becoming a writer and my friend is becoming a nurse, but we never really got rid of our obsession. Every time I see a cute dog I almost always say "aww" and resist the urge to pet it and let it lick my face. I love their happiness, their different characters and personalities, and just how cute they are. I don't think I'll ever be quite as fond of any other animal.

So tell me, what animal or thing is your soft spot?

This post is in honor of my dog that I love so much, Hannah, who turns 11 on Saturday. She is such a sweetheart and still acts like my little puppy.


  1. So sweet. Well, I do have a cat who is now much more sweet and cuddly that he's old..than when he was young. He so loves tummy rubs now.

  2. I definitely have a soft spot for dogs as well. I was basically obsessed with them my entire childhood, hehe. My favorite movie ever was Homeward Bound, and I couldn't even watch Shiloh cause the part where Shiloh gets injured made me too upset, and Where The Red Fern Grows traumatized me for life, hahaha. If anything happened to my beagle I would pretty much be devastated. But yeah, your dog is so cute :)

  3. Yeah, I was the same way Natalie... I used to cry during any movie where the dog dies or gets hurt! haha


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