Monday, April 19, 2010

"Now That I Can See You..."

Do you ever have moments where you just really don't understand people? I have them all the time. It seems like I am always having friend issues lately. I guess because it is that time in everyone's life that you discover who your true friends are and which ones may have been fake all along. A friend of mine has decided she hates me now, won't talk to me, and is playing immature games.

We've known each other for like 10+ years and I thought we were best friends. Sure, we've both changed a great deal and have our differences, but I never really thought too much about them. It just makes me sad when friends do this. When they are so willing to forget all the vacations spent together, fun nights, and advice given. When all of a sudden they are willing to throw away a long friendship over a petty fight. Actually I'm not even sure what happened to be honest. She was mad at me for something that I apologized for several times....yet this still goes on.

I'm learning how to let go better and realize which friends are good for me and which ones aren't, but it is still hard to feel like years of friendship meant nothing to the other person.

Which leads me to finish the Dashboard Confessional song that is the title of this entry..."...I don't think you're worth a second glance."


  1. i love your open and honest post. i've been struggling with similar feelings with a particular friend. it's hard when you have so much history together to let go, isn't it? love your blog, btw. :)

  2. I'm sorry you're having issues with friends lately :/ That's always the absolute hardest thing to deal with. Like the above person said, letting go of friendships that have lasted so long that hold so many memories...

  3. Thanks guys for your support. It is awesome to have people I don't even know say such nice things. :)


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