Friday, March 19, 2010

Second Contest!

I am proud to announce the 2nd contest of this blog! This one has a pretty cool prize if I do say so myself. ;) Again, I am letting you choose the prize...this time with even more leeway!

Same rules apply as last time. Help me and I help you! Whoever gets me the most new followers or readers to my blog, wins the prize. Have the new follower comment and tell me who sent them and at the end of the week, I will announce the winner (that is the person who was mentioned the most by commenters!).

Here's the can pick anything...yes anything you want within the price limit, from (Please choose something appropriate though for the sake of my records, haha!) So the winner will e-mail me their choice. The price limit is $10 (not including shipping). Trust me, this can get you a long way on Amazon.

So good luck everyone! E-mail me or comment with any questions.

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