Monday, March 29, 2010

Saving up!

I've admitted here before that I am not that great of a saver. My greatest weaknesses are probably new beauty products. I love shopping for clothes, but a lot of times they don't fit, I'm not in the mood to try things on, etc. But makeup, shower gel, face wash, anything like that....the newer and cooler, the better. It is terrible but I've thrown out half-used shampoo or something because I am itching to try something new. I don't even want to think of how much money I've wasted on these types of girly products. So here's a test for myself. I've decided I want to save up and buy a new (used) car. The one I have now is over 10 years old and is basically falling apart.

You get to help me. Here's the deal. Starting now, I will not buy any new beauty products I do not need. I will use my face wash until the last drop is gone and same goes for shampoo, makeup, etc. I will use what I own right now until I absolutely need to go buy something new because I ran out. Here's where you keep me on track. If I buy something, I have to post what I did and you get to yell at me! Haha! So wish me luck with my saving adventures!


  1. Even i have a weakness for girly products. I spend half my salary (acc to my boy) buying the crap(again acc to my boy). I end up 'unintentionally' misplacing my lip gloss so that i could go and buy another one.

    Even i want to join you in saving cash so i can go to Thailand. I need to save a lot for that but i'm gona try. I already have a piggy bank started up for my Thai trip.

  2. Yeah it is definitely tough to save! I love buying new girly things...glad I'm not alone. :P Good luck with your saving...having a trip to save for definitely helps!


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