Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leaving things behind...

As I've written in the past, letting go of things is truly one of the hardest things I face in my life. I just can't seem to get rid of people who prove time and time again that they don't care about me simply because I care about them. Friends who ignore me, use me...whatever, I fight for the friendship even when I know I should just forget it. I think of the times that they were there for me or the fun times we used to have and wonder if we could get it back.

So now, part of me is fed up and part of me is feeling ready to be free. I want to focus all my time and energy on fulfilling myself and being around those who prove they are there for me, just as I am there for them. I am not going to be rude to these people, but just accept that they aren't good friends. I strongly believe in not being around people who just bring toxin into your life. So I am going to focus on making myself better and surrounding myself with those who truly matter right now in my life.
How do you learn to let go of bad people or situations?


  1. Hey Lauren, I did a post on letting go the other day :)

  2. Hey Rachel! Not quite the same idea...but I do love yoga! Great post. :)

    And Steph...ugh...why are people so dumb? Haha, best of luck to you with your situation. :-/

  3. Bad people is a subjective term. It is based on your perspective. I don't think my bad person could match yours, but I am not sure. Maybe you have/had some real losers in your life too.

    We each have different perspectives and sometimes that is what makes for those really bad relationships. The people who treat others poorly may be thinking that they are treating people fantastic. Who knows how they treat their enemies, but sometimes I have thought that I was a friend's enemy simply because of the way that person treated me --- worst than an enemy.

    Those relationships are truly toxic. You can't avoid them either. They just happen if you are open to people which everyone should be --- open to be another person's friend. However, you should not feel guilty about opening your hand and letting those people go from your life and heart. You will not change them by hanging around and being a door mat to them. Letting go of them is really the only way those people realize that the way that they are treating friends/people is not the right way to maintain a lasting friendship. In the letting them go/walking away, it is you that helps them in their understanding of how to treat a person and how not to treat a person. Maybe sometime later in their life, they won't make the same mistakes and lose the people who are those polished jewels among the stones on the road.

    But remember in the letting go, you completely walk away. You erase that person from your heart and you stop thinking of those "should have's," or "what ifs." You free yourself and you free those other people too. Be kind to yourself and in the being kind to yourself, you are kind to others.

    (ha,ha! my usual long winded post. One day my words will be in short paragraphs and maybe, maybe only one!)

  4. Awww Sumi, I love your long-winded posts though! Especially the third paragraph...that really sticks with me...thank you for your wise words!


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