Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Back!

I am so sorry for the absence here on Lauren's Thoughts! I have been so busy lately between getting busier with work, researching and buying a car and all of the little things that goes along with it and just simply LIFE!

Here's my 2009 Ford Focus! It was a great experience doing most everything on my own in order to get the car. Researching vehicles, getting a loan, getting insurance, etc. Now I have a new ride that I don't have to worry about breaking down and overheating all the time or wasting all my money on gas for that matter!

I've been busy working as well. I am still doing freelance work and have six different clients and babysit a few days a week. While some clients have more work for me than others, I keep pretty busy! Check out my weekly column on ASKinyourface.com, some of which I've shared on my blog here, but you can see them all on the website:

Even with all the busy errands and jobs I've been doing lately and making sure I have time to spend with my friends and loved ones, I am doing pretty well with exercise. I haven't been running and working out as much as I would like but I still manage a few times a week and go to yoga at least once a week. Unfortunately, one of my best friends and current yoga buddy is moving in a few days to Chicago to pursue a dance career! I wish her the best and hopefully will visit soon, but I am really going to miss her!

Speaking of exercise and yoga: If you're looking for great deals on some apparel for exercise or yoga, try out these Gap coupons! This is for my loyal readers!

Another update is that I really want to start doing theme days for this blog. I've seen many different types on other blogs and I think it is a really cool idea. Here are a few ideas I had and I would love to hear your opinions!
  • Tunes I'm Lovin' Tuesday (I would share a song I can't get out of my head)
  • What I'm Inspired By Wednesday (I would share something that has inspired me that day or week)
  • Secret Saturday or Sunday (I would share something about myself that you may not know!)
  • Fitness Friday (I would share some kind of fitness article, advice or story)
What do you think? Also, update me on your life! :)


  1. Ah! My first car was a Ford Focus. They are WONDERFUL - you'll love it.

    I love your theme ideas!!

    Keep Shining,

    1. Awesome. I love it so far! :)

      And thanks!



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