Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No Shopping Update: Oops!

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Well I must say I had a bad day last week. Not necessarily bad in the sense things went wrong, but in the sense I fell off the wagon of my "no shopping month" a little bit. First, I treated myself to a facial at the local Ulta because my skin had been feeling so dry and congested for a while. They were having a great deal so I went for it, figuring I needed it! I am fine with this... except being in my favorite beauty store that I was trying to avoid ended with a purchase. I got some "silver powder" claiming to get rid of blackheads and hopefully keep my skin from getting so congested. Hopefully it works!

Anyway, it was a slow day for work that day... I was supposed to have a meeting but it got rescheduled because of the snow and I finished my computer work early in the day. The boredom led to more shopping! I am not sure if I should count this because I used a gift card and none of my own money and got some things I really needed. I ended up with some dress pants (for $4.40!!!), a cute shirt for yoga and a Valentine's gift for my boy.

You may be thinking the day hasn't really been all that bad. Sure, I shopped but it wasn't totally off the deep end. However, I didn't stop there! Remember those boots I really wanted? I keep thinking about them! I really want them so I can have some nice shoes to wear when I go out on the weekends or when I simply want to look nicer in the winter than wearing my snow boots. I dropped into to DSW but they didn't have my size... so I ordered them online. Luckily, I got my friend's discount who works there. Oops.

I don't regret any of these purchases because I either needed it, used a gift card or had my eye on it for quite a while! The facial did remind me of something important with this no shopping rule. If I don't spend money on physical things, like adorable boots (oops!), I have more money to save. Still, you can't just save every penny you make so the money left over I would have more to spend on experiences or pampering myself like getting my nails done or getting a facial. Honestly, being pampered is a much better use of spending money than new clothes sometimes! It makes me feel so much better, happier, healthier and look nicer.


  1. I need to stop shopping so much also. Hopefully soon I can control my spending.

  2. It is hard but even though I slipped up a little, I definitely noticed I shopped and spent less in January. Hopefully I can keep it up too! Tweet me at @lrstewar :)

  3. I've been trying to force myself to go to the gym whenever I think about shopping out of boredom. It works... sometimes ... haha. Another way to save spending money is to think about saving it for a big (yet still fun) goal, like putting a down payment on a car or taking a trip someplace. Good luck on the rest of your shopping ban :).

    The Real Post Grad

  4. It's a challenge not to shop, but doable! keep up the good work and for some motivation, visit :) -Lindsay

  5. I'm horrible at the no shopping thing I tried it lasted about a month and then I bought a bunch of stuff... I've always had a shopping problem tho so I blame genetics lol ;)

  6. Good ideas guys and good to know that I am not alone! :)


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