Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How Will You Spend Valentine's Day? (Plus Giveaway Winner!)

First of all, I would like to announce the winner of the giveaway! R Jarvis - congrats, please email me at lrstewar@gmail.com to get your prize!

Valentine's Day is in a week! I know most people may not be too excited about this day and are already planning a date with ice cream, but I think this day is what you make of it! Here are some great ways to spend the day whether you have a date or not:

1. If you have a boyfriend or a date, use this day or night to have some fun! Ditch the traditional movie and dinner date and go ice skating, go to a place where you can paint bowls or pots, have a picnic at home, play board games or anything you want that both of you love!

2. If you're single, call up all your single girlfriends and don't wallow! Get together and do mani/pedis, watch funny chick flicks like "Bridesmaids", have a spa night or go shopping.

3. Use this day or night to celebrate YOU! Do whatever you want to do. Go see a movie that perhaps only you want to see, get your favorite takeout, get your hair done or whatever YOU want!

My Valentine's Day will be spent with my boy! I am not sure what our plans are yet, but as long as I can be with him that is all I care about. I can't wait to give him his presents. :) I also plan to make some Valentine's cupcakes this weekend to give to friends and family.

Tell me how you plan to spend your Valentine's Day!

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  1. Congratulations to the winner! Not sure what we'll do for Valentines day neither of us are really that into it but maybe I'll surprise him with cake or something lol


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