Friday, April 29, 2011

Learn from Glee: Love Yourself!

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"Glee" was amazing this week! If you missed it, it was all about loving yourself - no matter what. I adore that message.

I have the typical story. Growing up I was super skinny, gangly, got glasses in third grade, had frizzy and extremely thick hair, etc. I was shy and insecure. The summer before tenth grade I decided to change my image. I got my hair chemically straightened, cut, got contacts, and my body had filled out a bit. People didn't recognize me on that first day of school.

Now, I still straighten my hair and wear contacts and try to make myself look the best I can. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. As for other things I don't always love about myself: I have a big nose. Much like Rachel Berry on "Glee", my nose is not cute and dainty and I get blackheads. Also like Mr. Shue, I have a "butt chin" aka a dimple in my chin that you don't see too often in a crowd. I have KP, a skin condition that leaves little red bumps on the back of my arms and legs.

We all have things about us that we don't really like. Perhaps you even share some of my outer appearance woes. But like anything in life, you have to take what you're given and make the best of it. You have to love yourself for all the things that make you...YOU. Chances are those things that you don't like are the things that people love about you the most.

So when I see my nose, I try not to think about how big that bump is, I think about how I have my beloved Grandpa's nose. My "butt chin" never really bothered me too much and it is one of the only things about my appearance that makes me look like my Dad. As far as those KP bumps, who cares? It is not a skin condition that bothers me and with exfoliation it gets better. My cousin has 'em too.

I'm not a huge fan of Lady Gaga, but the song, "Born This Way" has a great message and was an amazing ending song on "Glee". My favorite part of the song is this: "I'm beautiful in my own way, God makes no mistakes". And I believe it. God makes you who you are and you shouldn't try to change it too much.

Love yourself and others will flock to you. Respect yourself and others will notice and learn from you. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and amazing the way you are. Don't say how much of a dork you looked in seventh grade: embrace it!


  1. We were all dorks in seventh grade....even the "cool" kids! I was similar to you, Lauren, the tallest girl, super skinny, Coke bottle-bottomed glasses. It's hard to beat the rap you get in middle school, but it does get better....even if you have to wait til you get into college:)
    Anyway, I like myself now...even if I cringe a tiny bit looking back at old pictures. That's what's important.

  2. All very true - thanks Robin! :) I hope you got to see this Glee too!

  3. such a great post! can't wait to see this episode of glee, loving yourself is such an important part of life <3



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