Monday, April 18, 2011

Pros of a Pet Rat!

If you read my blog or know me, you know I have had a pet rat for over a year now. I've always wanted one and when I was living in an apartment I decided to get one after doing some research. Most people are freaked out by the prospect of someone having a pet rat, but I want to give you some pros to getting a rat for a pet!

1. They are adorable! When most people think of a rat, they think of the giant ones in movies with beady red eyes. My rat is black and white with black eyes and the cutest little face!

2. They are pretty easy to care for and low maintenance. All you have to do is clean their cage regularly, give them fresh water and food and keep them entertained with treats, toys, and play time. My rat always puts his bedding into his food dish - no clue why but I always have to un-bury his food!

3. They are very smart. I wish I had more time and patience to teach Buddy more tricks, but I taught him to stand on his hind legs and take treats nice. You know he listens because when I give him a treat he will go to snatch it, but I will say "Take it nice now..." and he will gently take it from me. I know you can even litter train them if you have the time!

4. They are fun. Rats like to have a lot of human interaction. Buddy loves his house though and loves to stay in his cage, but taking him out to play is important. I let him run around my living room with supervision and he loves to just sit in your arms and cuddle. Who would have thought rats love to snuggle? :) Rats prefer to live with other rat friends, but I am only able to have one and I feel bad when I get busy and don't get to hang out with Buddy as much as I'd like. But even when he is alone a lot, he never gets angry about it and loves when someone comes to talk to him or plays music for him.

5. They are loving. Buddy loves to lick me and I read that it means they consider you part of their family - so cute!

6. They are really clean. Buddy constantly cleans himself, much like a cat (but no hairballs!). While his cage gets smelly, cleaning it regularly will solve this problem.

I hope this inspired you to get a pet rat or simply just be kind to those who choose to have one instead of going... "Ew a rat?!?!" You should definitely give them a chance!


  1. I had no idea you could train a rat! He looks kinda like a guinea pig or hampster because of his coloring.

  2. Aww, he's so cute! :) When I was littler I always wanted a pet rat cause they were so smart and I wanted to train it to do tricks and stuff haha, but my mom wouldn't let me... sigh.

  3. Oh my gosh I LOVE rats! I wish I had one! I was never allowed to have rodents as a kid. I had a dog and I loved her, but I always wanted a hamster or a rat!! next year I want a spider:)

  4. Aw thanks for all these comments - they make my day!

  5. I adore rats, I try to always have two, we prefer the males. At the moment we have Cujo and Flash both white and black mix. The best pets ever, they are clean, smart, affectionate and easily trained. When I don't have any rats I am sad. Our biggest problem is that they pass on much too quickly and when one dies the other one gets as depressed as we do. They are cheap pets and hugely amusing. Also they get along well with children and other pets.

  6. I really enjoyed reading this post. Rats need some good PR! I've had my share of criticism, especially from my mother-in-law. Our pet rats are a huge source of joy for us, and I wish more people appreciated them.

    We'd love to feature other pet rats on our blog. Let me know if Buddy would like to make a special guest appearance. :)


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