Monday, April 11, 2011

Feel Beautiful Inside and Out!

Exercise is a great way to stay in shape, have fun, and even stop your inner critic. Think this way: when you’re playing tennis with a friend, running back and forth, hitting the ball across the court, think about how amazing your body is. Stop all those thoughts in your head about wanting to lose weight, the extra pounds around your stomach, or your flabby arms. Just stop! Think instead about how healthy you are, how strong your legs are to move you across the court, how many muscles you’re using to play this enjoyable game.

Even if you practice silencing your inner critic every day, she will return. She always returns to make you feel bad about yourself. But you have the power to stop her! When the negative thoughts start coming, imagine a stop sign. Tell her she has no power over you. Tell her you have a beautiful body and you’re a kind person. Then watch her shrink into the corner.

The best part about working out and playing sports to silence this inner critic? By thinking these positive thoughts and focusing on all the great things your body can do, you’ll slowly heal your self-image. By exercising and treating your body like a temple, you’ll learn to love yourself even more! You’ll feel and look your best.

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  1. Love this encouraging and positive post! People tend to focus so much on the (negative) body image that they take for granted their health and their freedom to go and play tennis as they please or the ability to even walk/run.

  2. Thank you and I totally agree! :)

  3. Exercise has actually helped me so much. I used to get horrible migraines all the time after school, but after I started running 4 years ago they've all but disappeared (except for those few unfortunate occasions). Plus I love me some endorphins, haha :)

  4. That's awesome Natalie! I've been trying to exercise more lately. I just got my wisdom teeth out a couple of days ago and I am not supposed to really do anything strenuous and I actually miss working out!


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