Monday, March 21, 2011

Cool Website For Customized Beauty/Fashion Info!

I would definitely not call myself a fan of Tyra Banks. I love watching "American's Next Top Model" but I think Tyra is pretty annoying and I usually fast forward every part where she talks. Oops. Anyway, regardless of how annoying she can be, she just created a pretty cool website!

I saw her promoting it on TV before it was released and decided to bookmark it to check it out when it was live. The premise: customized articles and tips based on YOU. You login and tell the website different facts about you such as your eye color, skin type, hair problems, etc. It is beauty and fashion tailored to you. There are articles, videos, tips, and advice. All in all, a great tool for any girl who loves learning about new beauty and fashion products or who needs some help with skin problems or just wants new information.

It is called and you can check it out from that link! Have you looked at this website before? Let me know your thoughts!

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