Monday, May 14, 2012

Movie Review of "The Five Year Engagement"

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Last week, my boy and I saw "Five Year Engagement". I had high hopes for this movie because I am a big Jason Segel fan and it looked really cute and funny. Overall, I thought it was pretty good and I loved the ending.

  • It was really cute, especially the end!
  • There were many funny parts. Not so much "crack up" funny, but I giggled a lot. It was interesting... I think the movie crowd was asleep because I felt like Kevin and I were the only ones laughing at most of the parts!
  • I still love seeing Chris Pratt in movies because he reminds me of "Everwood", a show I used to be obsessed with!
  • It was pretty realistic and went through problems that most couples may encounter. It reminds you that no one is 100% perfect for each other and that you have to work through your problems.
  • At parts, it just seemed to move a little slow and I didn't really know where the plot was going. I think a few scenes could have been cut out.
  • The portrayal of Michigan. They move to Michigan because she gets a job at U of M and Jason Segel's character hates it there. Totally understandable for the plot, but I kind of wish Michigan was portrayed a little better in the movie.
  • Speaking of being in Michigan, I wish I knew they were filming there because I would have tried to be an extra! :)
  • Jason Segel looked really creepy at some parts.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think of it?


  1. I haven't seen it yet, but I want to. I LOVE seeing Chris Pratt in movies also haha

  2. I've kinda been wanting to see this. I saw the preview where the little girl says "I'm Katniss" and shoots the lady with a bow I thought that was pretty comical. Didn't know it was set in Mich tho that's cool but does suck it wasn't portrayed well.

  3. What is funny about that is in the actual movie she says "I'm Pocahontas!" They must have changed the preview because of all of the Hunger Games hype.

  4. I'm glad you liked it!! My boyfriend and i really want to see it because as of this week we are going to be embarking on a 2 year long distance relationship. So, we knew we had to see this one!!

  5. The movie was not too good, i found it just an average movie


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