Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm Home from Chicago!

I'm back from Chicago and using most of today to recover from all that traveling! It was awesome to see my friend Kathryn for her birthday and get to see some things I've never seen before. The worst part was the seven hour train ride both ways by myself. Luckily, on the way there half of the trip I got to sit alone and the other half I was next to the sweetest lady who even helped me find my friend when we got off in Chicago because I didn't know where to go! 

Saturday was the big day of visiting the city - I got to see The Bean and try Jamba Juice for the first time! Yum! We walked around a lot but it was freeeezing. I got a new shirt from the three story (!) Forever 21. Later, we picked up our friend Juli from the train and headed out that night to a few bars near where Kathryn is living.

The night included: a family band, a bar full of scary looking bikers, a bouncer who could make his pecs dance, chatting with 50-year-old men and goth looking guys, dancing to Lady Gaga and getting lost trying to get home... to name a few things that happened.

All in all, definitely an experience and really glad I got to see my friends and visit the city! Never taking that stupid train again though, haha! 

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! I dont blame you for not wanting to take the train again they take forever.


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