Monday, May 13, 2013

Goodbye for Now

This blog started out as a way to share my thoughts and connect with other bloggers and writers. Over time, it has been a great way to connect (I've met some great people from blogging), I've gotten in trouble with friends for writing too much or accidentally offending someone and felt creatively stifled, wrote a lot and then took many breaks and shared my love of writing.

I've been debating for a while taking a blogging break. Life has been busy and I don't have the time or passion for blogging at the moment. You may have already noticed that I haven't posted much and I just don't feel that creative or know what to post at the moment. I may post sporadically, but this is goodbye for now! Thanks to my loyal readers who have read this over the years!

An update before I go...

I'm moving out! I just got an apartment with a friend and we will be moving soon. New job, new apartment... things are going well! I'm very excited for a change.

If you still want to keep track of my workouts, check out Fitocracy.

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  1. Taking a break can be the best thing.
    It can give you a new perspective.
    Writing just for writing can be negative to your goals.


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