Thursday, June 28, 2012

Movie Review: Jeff Who Lives At Home

I wanted to see this movie in theaters but never made it. So the other night, I was just relaxing and decided to rent it on my own. I am a big fan of Jason Segel and I like Ed Helms, so I wanted to see it just because of that. At first, the movie was a little odd and I wasn't quite sure where it was going.

It talked a lot about signs (also, yes, the movie "Signs") and fate. Jason Segel's character, Jeff, is 30-years-old and still lives in his mother's basement. In the beginning he smokes pot and talks a lot about signs. He keeps receiving these so-called signs about "Kevin". A wrong number asking for Kevin, a kid named Kevin wearing a jersey that says Kevin, Kevin's Kandy truck, etc. I found this amusing because my boyfriend's name is Kevin. ;)

Intertwined with the story is Pat, Jeff's brother (Ed Helms) who buys a Porsche without his wife's permission and it goes on to show their dysfunctional relationship. It also shares the story of their mother (Susan Sarandon) at her work, receiving messages from a "secret admirer".

Of course at the end, all of these signs and stories come together. I loved the end. It was just the right amount of emotion and left me feeling really good at the end of watching it. I just love that feeling when you watch a movie and feel like you're alive after you watch it.

Definitely recommend this movie! It was nice and short as well - an indie classic.

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