Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Style Outside The Box: Amazing New Shopping Experience

I love hearing stories of people my age, especially women, going out of the box and on their own and trying to make it for themselves. Especially in a creative setting! Recently I found out about Style Outside the Box, started by Penn State grad Laura Adamson, a website that allows you to buy clothes, home goods, accessories, and much more from first exclusive independent designers! How cool is that?

Style Outside The Box is a new shopping website that unites independent designers around the blog who are chosen through a juried selection process, and shoppers who desire unique and one-off creations that offer quality, value, and exceptional style.  

They have unique pieces for everyone: women, men, children, and babies! A perfect place to find gifts for just about everyone that you can guarantee they won't get from anyone else. Good timing with the holidays right around the corner...

They graciously offered my readers a coupon code to use for 15% off your order! Just put "lauren2011" (without quotes) in the area for coupon codes when checking out. 

Read more about the start of Style Outside the Box and check out the cool and fun things they sell! Let me know what you find on there! Here are some of the things I am drooling over:

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