Saturday, August 6, 2011

True Life: I'm a General Blogger

Today I am participating in "True Life: I'm a "General" Blogger" from Mrs. Monologues and Fabulous But Evil.

Here's one of those about me & about my blog posts if you're visiting me from one of those websites. :) My name is Lauren and I blog about anything and everything. I mostly blog about relationships, experiences, and just general musings about life. I love reviewing books and girly products. I recently graduated with a degree in Journalism and I currently work as a freelance writer and assistant. You can find me on, The Daily Leap, and I help out with the Michigan Lean Consortium. I've been dating my boyfriend for over three years and I have two pets, a dog named Hannah and a rat named Buddy.

Some of my favorite and most popular posts are:

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See photos of my pets

My Boyfriend of 3 years

Generation of Online

I hope you enjoyed visiting my blog and stay for more! xo


  1. So glad you decided to link up! Looking forward to reading through some of your posts!

  2. Found your blog through the linkup and glad I did. I love following blogs that talk about "anything and everything." Thats how my blog is. Random to say the least. But honestly, I look forward to reading much more from you.

    -Sarah from

  3. thanks for linking up! off to read some of the posts you linked!

  4. Hey chicka! I was a Journalism minor and fell in love with it! OPI has the best nail polish. I will be reading more soon. Have a stellar Saturday. XOXOXO

    your newest follower,

  5. Hi all new friends! So glad you stopped by my blog. :) Looking forward to checking yours out and reading more comments!


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