Wednesday, March 9, 2011

From Anxiety to Zen... ahhh...

As some of you know who have followed my blog for a while, at times I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I discovered a website called "From Anxiety to Zen" and read up on the blog and website a little bit. I've been slowly but surely reading the past blog entries and I love the tips and advice she gives! Although she hasn't updated in a while, it is nice to get some advice on how to control anxiety naturally. My problems with anxiety have never been bad enough to really get help, but it is nice to have some natural ways to ease my mind when I get anxious or nervous!

So whether you suffer from anxiety or not, check out her website/blog for relaxation tips! Because everyone stresses out...


  1. Yeah I definitely stress out wayyyy too much, so this sounds pretty useful!

  2. Yeah everyone can use tips on relaxation! :)


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